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1 Parliamentary Functions of the House of Commons: subsection

Taxpayer money doesn

In a letter to the editor published on March 29, Rose Marie Nyberg raised questions regarding the Canada Goose Coats On Sale joint effort between my constituency office and the Lethbridge Conservative Association to hire a student intern for the summer.

Ms. Nyberg initially contacted my office by canada goose outlet online uk email on Feb. 20 with her inquiry. My constituency co ordinator responded to her by phone on Feb. canada goose outlet canada 27 to address her concerns. The answer is simple. My office will use funds within my parliamentary budget to pay for the portion of time the intern spends in my office completing constituency work and the Lethbridge Conservative Association will pay for the portion of time the intern spends doing door knocking. Two separate paycheques will be received by the intern.

As always, my office and the supplies within it will only be used for constituency work. cheap canada goose All materials used for door knocking will be supplied by the Lethbridge Conservative Association.

This four month summer internship is a unique opportunity to learn all about what goes on in a Member of Parliament's office and be part of the action. The successful candidate will expand their knowledge of federal politics, experience the ins and outs of the Member's constituency office, plan and attend events, engage in community outreach, learn to do political research and writing, canada goose and help build Canada Goose Online the Conservative movement. Summer interns are expected to contribute to a positive, productive, and coordinated team effort to support the Member.

Responsibilities in the Member's office:

Assist with daily administrative tasks

Conduct research and write reports

Produce social media content

I refer to Members Allowances 2.1 Parliamentary Functions of the House of Commons: subsection 4(3) of the Members By law defines that the following activities, when performed by a Member, are canada goose outlet not parliamentary functions: "(b) activities related to the administration, organization and internal communications of a political party, including participation in a party leadership campaign or convention, solicitations of contributions and solicitations of membership to a political party(c) activities related to a Member's re election; (d) activities designed, in the context of a federal, provincial, or municipal election, or any other local election, to support or canada goose outlet parka oppose a political party or an individual candidate; and (e) activities that are related to a meeting of an electoral district association, as defined in the Canada Elections Act, and that are carried out for nomination, electoral or sponsorship purposes or that relate to soliciting contributions or membership. 2000, c. 9 that may regulate the use, outside of an election period, of the resources provided by a Member of Parliament ("MP resources"). The CEA deals with various activities related to the electoral process. The purpose of the CEA is distinct from that of the Parliament of Canada Act and the Members By law under that Act. The House of Commons, through the Board of Internal Economy, regulates and controls the use of resources provided to MPs under the Members By law, made pursuant to the Parliament of Canada Act. The By law contains restrictions on the use of the "funds, goods, services and premises provided by the House of Commons to a Member under the Parliament of Canada Act." The By law states that MP resources canada goose clearance provided under the Parliament of Canada Act may be used for parliamentary functions, which are expressly defined as including certain activities canada goose black friday sale "performed in a partisan manner". However, other "partisan" activities are not permitted. Thank you for your kind and canada goose outlet nyc wise feedback! I feel like I should have the right to ask these questions, as I am one of the constituents in Lethbridge who pays part of Rachael Harder parliamentary budget. Sadly, I feel like any time one wishes to question an elected official, the elected rep and/or their staff seem offended. I would think that with everything that the federal conservatives are currently focused on, goose outlet canada with the SNC Lavalin debate, that I would have received a better explanation especially given all my research into this inquiry. Take care, Rose Marie

r m n: i, too, once believed that my vote counted for something. however, having lived under each of three major parties in 3 different provinces, and after watching tweedle dee get elected, only to be replaced by tweedle dum (and dumber) federally over several decades, i have learned that the system we call a democracy is a canada goose outlet online sham. the vote provides us with canadian goose jacket an illusion that our electoral/political system is representative of the masses; however, the reality is that one vote worth less than one vote in every voting jurisdiction serves only to justify the our system is a faux democracy, and our electoral system simply upholds the oligarchy which our vote legitimises.

while an electoral reform (promised by trudeau, only to be broken) that would honour all votes would be far preferable to the scam we now have, a purer model of democracy would be to abolish the party system. elected reps will still disagree and debate, but there will be far more opportunity for working together toward the best policies when the charade of party lines is erased. as it stands, the house of commons is like a stupid hockey game: two sides working against each other, with few total pucks ending up in the net. if both sides worked together, they would fill both nets with pucks in minutes, and then be able to get down to doing something that really matters. our system is broken, and that is why we keep getting the same old. sundry promises made during campaigns are often not kept; significant legislation not spoken of thus, not given a mandate during campaigns often dumped on the unsuspecting masses by gov that garrnered less than even 40% of the popular vote, let alone 50+%.

harper did very well on canada goose outlet toronto factory one thing during all his years in power: canada goose black friday sale he showed us how easily it is to thwart our system of checks and balances with a bogus "majority" gov't. 1) puppet mps that primarily want a great pay cheque and benefits, so they will accept being party whipped, and will sell any ideals they may have held to stay in power; 2) crooked bagmen leaders that sell us the corporate agenda to which they are beholden, the consequence of the bags of money parties and aspiring individuals can receive from powerful corporate interests; 3) a docile governor general's office that does absolutely nothing other than eat up volumes of our money (a rubber stamp should not cost us near as much); 4) ditto the senate; 5) an archaic electoral system that was designed for a 2 party system, which results in outcomes that are too often undemocratic gerrymandered voting districts and a diluted vote return us canada goose outlet sale majority gov'ts (ie virtual totalitarian rule) based on less than 40% of voter support. your vote, therefore, only entrenches the facade.

don't vote and you don't support the status quo, a system that serves the few, not the many. do not vote ergo, do not legitimise the oligarchy and speak out against the the reality that condemns each of our votes to only a fraction of the one we are each entitled.

i have long moved past trying to look at things as left or right, or believing there is a political party of any name that cares about the masses. the answers i think are quite transparent: 1) spend public money only in order to serve the masses: use our tax dollars to serve our needs; and, rather than give away public money to big corps in the way of grants, free loans, tax exemptions should be official canada goose outlet getting a fair value stake or return on investment for any public bankrolling; 2) greed needs to be controlled legislate it because it is the primary reason we are well along an unsustainable course. environment, habitat, ecosystems and consequently species of all kinds are dying off, land, water and air. surely this is Canada Goose online not due to one party or to left or right. it is due to greed and self service by the bs we regard as leaders; 3) ensure gov is not allowed to control the thoughts and bodies of people. we canada goose store have had too many laws that legislate away those fundamental and universal rights and freedoms; 4) gov needs to control and hold in trust full ownership of their nation wealth insofar as resources/mining/energy and banking goes. the very idea that private hands get to steal away public wealth, while the people get dribbles, is ruinous.

that we are a debtor world, with a few privy folk allowed to lend money they do not even really have money that does not really exist and make a fortune off of compounded interest of said fake money, is an absolute horror. to top it off, seeing as the lenders only need 10 percent in reserve, each time they lend money they increase their lending reserve 10 fold.

the rest is not worth a thought to me. it is a game orchestrated to make us think we have an effect under the present model; but the truth is obvious we have no impact under this model. it is a fake democracy. whatever the gov in power, they are there by the money of the biggest financial powers. and those elite are served foremost by the gov they have bought.

the game is to keep the democracy illusion alive; to divide us through fake ideology, through suspicion, through insecurity, through competition, through hate, through intolerance always have less, and the uppermost of the top one percent always rakes it in. why are people not seeing through this? the planet is being destroyed through through undermining necessary diversity, through poisoning everything we need in order to survive. there has not been one gov anywhere in canada, that i can see that has tried in any way to address these real issues. even alberta ndp not the worst of the rotten lot has governed more like redford cons than a minded option. and, they can never be a social option so long as they do not take control over the levers of the region wealth; no gov can to serve the masses without real economic control.

i may appear jaded, but quite the contrary. i have come to see the as the signature of the illiterate canada goose outlet that has, so many times over, signed away its wealth, freedom, and control over to opportunistic, greedy, self serving sociopaths. still, i am hoping your generation can get a grip on things better than did mine.

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